Taylor + James :: Engaged

Taylor & I met a few years back in a Crossfit class (of course that's how I meet everyone- haha). Her and her now fiance, James, were such a blast to photograph! James and Taylor love to travel and embark on really cool adventures. A few months ago, while on the Island of Kauai, HI, while on a zip line adventure together, James had the zip line crew stop Taylor's zip line mid trip so he could meet her at the end on one knee- HOW CUTE IS THAT?! It was so much fun running around the Christmas Tree lot with these two. Wishing you both so many years of happiness and never ending adventures together!


Alex + Cata :: Married

There is always something about backyard weddings, especially those that are completely planned, decorated, and put together by the couple and their family (Alex and his mom actually made basically everything you see in these photos). Alex and Cata's wedding was nothing short of special. From the moment guests walked onto the property they could feel the love between these two. Cata and Alex actually have a unique story- they met while Alex was teaching English in Chile a few years ago and quickly fell madly in love. Their ceremony was held both in Spanish and in English and it was incredible to see how two cultures could blend together so seamlessly.

Congrats Alex and Cata!



Hi again :: Instagram Thursday

I haven't done one of these in a long time. Recently my life has been all over the place, but I will spare you the details and just say that, it feels good to get more or less of a fresh start. Every year I do some sort of refresh, and I am digging my new website and blog update, I just need to update my logo now! We are constantly changing and evolving as people, and that is how I feel about my website.

Things I am really into right now: coffee, pineapples, fantasy house shopping, interior design, remodeling, and the idea of bullet journaling.

I am also currently remodeling and updating my kitchen (if youre on pinterest you can see my pins on what I think is cool, www.pinterest.com/sophierybalov)

I continuously try to stay inspired and these are the images that currently do that.

Left to right

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Wendy & Berto :: Married

Wendy and I used to work together and in between her listening to all my life drama I would always joke around with her asking her when she was going to get engaged/married, and well, guys, IT HAPPENED! I am so happy I was there to witness this beautiful elopement of such a beautiful couple. Wendy, you and Berto compliment each other so well and I am beyond happy for the both of you! They are also expecting a little bundle of joy next year! Congrats!

Laurine & the F-150

This is going to be a long one, but sometimes you just cant help yourself when you work with someone who SLAYS the shoot. Everyone meet Laurine, she's an incredible dancer from Belgium and you will see more collaborations in the future! <3


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Camping with friends

This past weekend some friends and I went 'camping' at Castaic Lake. This was my first real experience of sleeping in a tent at a campsite with no adults (the only other time I've slept in a tent was in elementary school, on campus, with teachers around), so I was really excited for the trip. We had a lot of fun drinking, eating, playing games, and exploring the lake area. Sleeping in a tent was actually a really great experience. We had an 8 person tent for three girls and we slept with all the 'windows' open; man the moon is such a bright night light! Anyways, no trip is complete without a mini photoshoot, check it out below!


Creative Meet Up :: Minkmade xx Kactus.flower

Hannah and I have been facebook friends for some time now and when she was planning her trip to CA we knew we had to meet up; I absolutely love meeting and hanging out with other creatives! While here she set up a shoot with Kate and was down with me coming along and hanging out. I haven't done a creative shoot (something other than client work) in some time so I was stoked to not only hang out with these awesome ladies, but be able to shoot for myself. We went down to Santa Monica and day dreamed about the houses we wish we lived in on the Venice Canals and then had an awesome 'dinner' at the beach. Check it out below!