Rose Bowl Flea Market :: Finds

Nicole and I attended the Rose Bowl Flea Market a few weekends ago to find some unique pieces for my new home, and just in general, check out what people were selling. This was the first time that I have ever gone to the RBFM and I must say it was a blast! 

We got there early and were able to scope out a large chunk of what vendors had to offer in terms of house goods. If you go, get there early! We were able to walk empty aisle and look at pieces closely. We found a TON of awesome chairs, seriously, be ready to see and want to buy almost every chair you see- I am considering getting rid of the couches in my house and replacing them with all the awesome chairs we saw! (lol, not really, but it was a thought).

Overall, the day was awesome, I picked up the zebra stool you see in the photos, the 'SR' letters, the sunglasses I am wearing in one of the photos, a dress, and a new bag that I will use as my camera bag!

These photos were taken on my iPhone 5s and edited with the VSCO ap.