Round up

Happy Friday everyone!!

This week went by slowly and quickly, not sure how that works. Next week I am going to Costa Rica, and this weekend I am shooting a wedding, so you and I have some blog posts to look forward to!

This past weekend I decided to do some DIY projects, so lets start there.

1. DIY Chalkboards- I had to tell my roommates to take the paint away from me, otherwise I would have painted EVERYTHING!! For now I did my pantry doors, one side is a message board/game center, the other side is the menu for the week! I also painted my ingredient tubs, more for fun, but the tape I used sucked and it bled through, but thats okay!

2. As a wedding photographer, I am all for weddings, however, when it comes to myself, maybe an elopement? I think it is so romantic to be just with the man you love and focus on your love for each other, rather than stress about all the details of a big wedding.

This bouquet, these colors, they're so in love.  (via Magnolia Rouge)

3.  I really really really want to travel and take photos of pretty places. Zion, Utah is where I am currently dying to go! Check out this blog post and video, and you'll fall in love like I did- who wants to go hike?! (photo via Laura Ivanova)

4.  I want a wall of photos. I was thinking of cutting up sheets of paper and sticking them up onto the wall in different sizes, to be my pretend frames, and arranging my photo wall that way. But you know... that's a lot of work. So happy I found this cheat! (via honeyandfitz)

5.  This artist, this song. 

6.  Corner bookshelves. I want corner bookshelves!!! Great DIY... or purchase. (via etsy)

7.  How about doing something like this for all the places you visit, of your favorite places? Would be a great conversation starter and it is super unique! (via creative roots)

8. Flowers make me such a happy girl, it's ridiculous. "Sometime I arrive with my buds closed; other times my blooms have already opened. In either case, I can promise you a smile and a touch of Springtime."  (top photo via Jose Villa)

9. You may not like berries, but I love you to the moon and back, regardless. (via stylemepretty)

10.  Succulents... they really are the best thing, EVER. PERIOD. (via flickr)