Wanderlust :: San Francisco

Nicole & I have been friends for a few years now, and as many of you may know, we team up and shoot weddings together- it is our passion! This past weekend Nicole invited me to accompany her to San Francisco for an engagement photoshoot for one of the couples who booked her/us this year, Sue and Allen.

This road trip couldn't have come at a better time for me in my life! Recently I have been feeling the need to travel, explore, photograph inanimate objects- places, "people", spaces. Growing up I stayed away from portrait photography and focused on object, getting older that all changed, so I really wanted to head back to where I started, get a breath of fresh air! Nicole and I also talked about how iPhone's have really changed the photography world in that they make it so easy to always be photographing, even editing and instantly sharing! For that reason I decided to shoot both with my iPhone and 7d.

Nicole and I drove up to SF in two parts. We decided to break up the trip and left Friday night, drove from LA to Visilia. The next morning we took off for SF and made it to the city much earlier than we thought we would. This gave us about two hours to explore Mission District and grab lunch at a cute little pizzeria! After this we headed out to two different locations, the Legion of Honor Museum and the Sutro Baths. Both locations were stunning and I can't wait for all of you to see the photos from the engagement shoot!! From there we went to dinner with the clients and ate beyond what we could fit into our stomachs, it was sooooo good!! Being that we both needed to be back in LA we left the city that night. I can't wait to return and further explore the city!

Enjoy our SF trip photos!