DIY Wall Art

Wow, hi guys! I've kind of sort of been away from my blog for a little while now. SO SORRY!! 

A while back, my neighbor Anna and I decided to do a little DIY project for some wall art for our houses. I wanted to share this DIY with you guys because it was so much fun and the ways you can customize this for yourself are endless!

This is a light up sign, I made two, one for my living room that says "Heck Yes" and one for my office which is a camera. Anna made one for her daughters nursery that says "Dream big little one".

I do have to say that I am an impatient DIYer and it was definitely a lot of work. Anna and I went to Lowes to pick up all of our equipment, the cost was probably around $30-$50 for the two signs. For my Heck Yes sign I already had a frame and just needed to cut the plexiglass into the right size, which was harder that I thought it would be. I ended up not cutting it totally straight, but you can't totally tell unless you get really close. For the light up camera we built a frame, which was awesome because it is so much easier to store the christmas lights behind the frame (unlike on the heck yes sign) however, the frame was a little smaller than the plexiglass so it didnt quite fit into it and I had to super glue the camera onto it- oops. However, what I love is that I made these, they are totally one of a kind, and although I'm OCD and a perfectionist (so these were a little bit of a challenge) I totally love their quirks and am so happy with how they came out! Here is the link to the official directions.

I started off by taking a frame and spray painting it white.


I have to say that the spray paint totally sucked and I ended up taking white paint and a paint brush to the frame. After this what I did is I took my plexiglass and taped down the words to it. I used printer paper and wish I had used a thicker stalk of paper and taped it down at every edge, rather that just at the corner or the middle. The reason I say this is because when I threw down the spray paint it bled a lot. Luckily though, I was able to take acetone and a cotton swab and clean out the edges/take off the spray paint where needed.

First you lay out your words and tape them down. Then you throw down a coat or two of frosted spray paint. After that you throw down your colored spray paint. Once that dries you take off you stencil, if needed do some clean up with the acetone and then throw down a few more coats of frosted paint over the whole piece. Do this all outside, I did it inside because I was being lazy and I totally had residue of the paint all over my floors! 

You can really see the bleeding here. ^^

When done, all you need to do is attach it to the frame and hang up your lights in a pattern behind it before attaching the frame to the wall. Enjoy!