Alex + Cata :: Married

There is always something about backyard weddings, especially those that are completely planned, decorated, and put together by the couple and their family (Alex and his mom actually made basically everything you see in these photos). Alex and Cata's wedding was nothing short of special. From the moment guests walked onto the property they could feel the love between these two. Cata and Alex actually have a unique story- they met while Alex was teaching English in Chile a few years ago and quickly fell madly in love. Their ceremony was held both in Spanish and in English and it was incredible to see how two cultures could blend together so seamlessly.

Congrats Alex and Cata!



Wendy & Berto :: Married

Wendy and I used to work together and in between her listening to all my life drama I would always joke around with her asking her when she was going to get engaged/married, and well, guys, IT HAPPENED! I am so happy I was there to witness this beautiful elopement of such a beautiful couple. Wendy, you and Berto compliment each other so well and I am beyond happy for the both of you! They are also expecting a little bundle of joy next year! Congrats!

Tessa & Fletcher :: Married

A summer wedding in California, what does that make you think about, a nice, hot, beautiful day, right? Well we had a nice, beautiful, wet day! Tessa and Fletcher were such troopers when it began to rain, storm, in the morning of their big day. This was literally the first day it REALLY rained in CA all year, and it rained all day, only letting up briefly for the ceremony and then finally right before the first dance and dinner. I do have to say though, I am so lucky to work with such amazing people. These two had smiles on their faces, and a positive attitude all day. Their friends and family did not complain about the rain, and at the end of the day everything happens for a reason. It is an old Russian superstition that when it rains on a special occasion, a big day, that it is good luck, bringing purity into the day. Tessa and Fletcher, thank you for allowing me to be apart of your big day- congrats!


Max & Jess :: Married

Thank you This Girl Nicole Photography for having me assist on this beautiful San Diego Wedding. Weddings, couples, like this remind you why you are in the industry. Max and Jess were nothing short of perfect together and were so great to work with. San Diego is also my new favorite "beach" wedding destination go to! Everything from the location, to the weather, to the way they looked at each other, to the dinosaur center pieces, to the sunset (the day before my birthday) were all amazing! Congrats you two!


Sue & Allen :: Married

This was just one of those wedding that you HAD to be at! I was fortunate enough to assist This Girl Nicole with Sue & Allen's wedding. From the moment Nicole and I got to the venue, I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was and all the details there were! There was so much work put into making their wedding day beautiful and special. The day started off great and then right before the ceremony it started to rain. About 5 minutes before Sue was to walk down the aisle the rain stopped and we had beautiful cloud coverage. it was picture perfect. Congrats you two!

Anna & Sean :: Married

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of assisting This Girl Nicole in a beautiful backyard wedding. Anna and Sean were married at Sean's aunt and uncles home in Southern California. Everything about this wedding was lovely, from the orchard of orange trees around the property, to the hand made flower wall Anna and Sean said 'I do' in front of, to the handmade bow ties Anna made for the groomsmen- no detail was left behind. These are the types of weddings that I die for. Congrats Anna and Sean!

dress and shoes.jpg

Kelli + Casey :: Married

Kelli and Casey are such a sweet, loving, easy going couple! When Nicole, This Girl Nicole, asked me to second shoot this wedding I was so excited as it meant we were to embark on another road trip together! I totally love traveling for couples. These two were married at Evergreen Island in Tulare, CA. I am so happy I was able to be a part of their beautiful day. Wishing you two the best!

couple first dance.jpg

Jen & Ryan :: Married

I was privileged to second shoot Jen and Ryan's Wedding with This Girl Nicole Photography. Jen and Ryan's wedding was simply beautiful- they reminded me what love really is. I wish everyone could have witnessed their processions and hear what their pastor said. Jen and Ryan reminded me that forehead kisses really do fix everything. It was so beautiful to see the way that Ryan looked at Jen and vice versa. Again a big thank you to Nicole and the lovely couple for letting me be a part of their amazing day!