Cara & Niel :: One Year

I've known Cara and Niel for quite some time now, we've been through a few photoshoots together- their engagement session and their wedding. When I got a message from Cara a few weeks ago that she wanted to surprise Niel with an anniversary shoot at the location of where they got married, I was so excited! I met the two of them down in Dana Point on the anniversary of their wedding day, July 13. Niel didn't know that Cara had planned this shoot- I love fun surprises. It was so much fun to be able to go back to Dana Point with these two and reminisce about their special day and talk about what has happened in our lives this past year. Not to mention the weather was beyond perfect! Happy first wedding anniversary, I can't wait to see you guys year after year in Dana Point!!

Some special details:
We ate cake from their wedding day, yes we, I had a bite!
The chalkboard was used for multiple purposes on their wedding day.
The shoes and laces Niel wore were the same ones he wore when they said 'I do'.

Check out their wedding here.