Baby T

Meet Baby T, aka, the most perfect baby ever, aka Teodora. This here is my niece (or cousin technically- but since I'm 25 years older than this 12 week munchkin, I am going to pull a higher rank :P). Anyways, this teddy bear is the sweetest little girl I have ever met. My Aunt lives in Oakland and my brother and I took a road trip to finally meet our newest family member. While we stayed with them we got to really experience her. She is so calm, so easy going, so free of stress. At just 12 weeks this girl is so curious, so calm, and pretty active- yet very peaceful. I have to applaud my Aunt on her 'first time' mom skills and say that you, Irina, are doing a fantastic job. I love seeing how much you love your new role in life and seeing your girls eyes light up everytime she sees you. Your baby girl is going to grow up and be magical, I can just tell. Can't wait to see you again, little one <3.