Hi again :: Instagram Thursday

I haven't done one of these in a long time. Recently my life has been all over the place, but I will spare you the details and just say that, it feels good to get more or less of a fresh start. Every year I do some sort of refresh, and I am digging my new website and blog update, I just need to update my logo now! We are constantly changing and evolving as people, and that is how I feel about my website.

Things I am really into right now: coffee, pineapples, fantasy house shopping, interior design, remodeling, and the idea of bullet journaling.

I am also currently remodeling and updating my kitchen (if youre on pinterest you can see my pins on what I think is cool, www.pinterest.com/sophierybalov)

I continuously try to stay inspired and these are the images that currently do that.

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Instagram (Thursday)

It has been a long white since I have done an Instagram inspiration post, mainly because I haven't been inspired by anything lately. However, that has all changed! I think it has changed particularly because I am finally putting my house together (A YEAR LATER!), but it is happening! I have done some design projects in my office (again A YEAR LATER) and I am going to be doing DIY house projects this weekend as I FINALLY HAVE TIME! Woohoo!! Here are some photos that I find beautiful and inspiring. 

                                                                     Left to right                                                               1   l   2   l   3   l   4   l   5   l   6   l   7   l   8   l   9   l

                                                                     Left to right

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Instagram Wednesday

I want to go to Cuba, I want to fall in love, I want to adopt a cat, or two, I want to bake muffins like there is no tomorrow, I want to love what I do for a living, I want to design beautiful art, I want to photograph weddings consistently for the rest of my life, I want to wear maxi dresses everyday for the rest of my life, I want to be happy everyday, I want my struggles and my pain to be turned into beautiful art, I want I want I want.

I need inspiration, I need motivation, I need time, I need that one, I need to write, I need to read, I need to listen, I need to reflect, I need to take a walk, I need to push myself, I need to fight.

Our wants are always greater than our needs. I realize I want to do a lot of things in life but I start to feel stuck and stressed and frustrated and unmotivated to do them and I retreat to my routine, rather than stepping outside of the box and doing something different for once. How do I take that step out of the box, where do I get that push?

This weeks Instagram love is brown and blue. I need more creative users to follow, I would love your recommendation on cool, inspiring, breath of fresh air, accounts to follow!

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